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Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013#

1. Introduction to Sales Management
a. Customer Scenarios
b. Basic Record Types
2. Lead Management
a. Lead to Opportunity Process Form and Process Ribbon
b. Convert Activity Records to Leads
c. Qualifying and Disqualifying Leads
d. Create, Maintain, and Use Sales Literature
e. Create, Maintain, and Use Competitors
3. Working with Opportunity Records
a. Create Opportunities and Work with Opportunity Form
b. Changing Opportunity Status
4. Working with the Product Catalog
a. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Catalog
b. Unit Groups
c. Adding and Maintaining Products
d. Creating, Maintaining and Using Price Lists
e. Currency Management
f. Creating a Price List
5. Sales Order Processing
a. Adding Line Items (Opportunity Products) to Opportunities
b. Quote Management
c. Working with Orders
d. Working with Invoices
6. Metrics and Goals
a. Configuring Goal Metrics
b. Configuring Fiscal Periods
c. Creating and Assigning Goal Records
d. Creating and Recalculating Parent and Child Goal Records
e. Creating a Rollup Query
7. Sales Analysis
a. Running Built-in Reports
b. Exporting Sales Information to Excel
c. Working with Charts and Dashboards
d. Working with System Charts from the Opportunity List
e. Working with Dashboards
f. Create a New Dashboard in the Workplace
g. Sharing DASHBOARDS, Charts and Advanced Find Queries

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